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 SF Academy

4 Week Program - A hands on Approach

The opportunity you were waiting for. The first intensive program that integrates theory and practice in one package!

SF academy brings the best of both worlds! A unique experience where you will put into practice the knowledge acquired by working hand in hand with recognized brands in the industry.

This 1-1 program with Sheyla and Nicolas will help you establish where your brand is currently positioned and what changes are necessary to optimize your social media platform!

A personalized evaluation of your brand will be carried out and will dictate the changes or adjustments necessary to increase your traffic and monetization. We will be covering topics like:

  • How are you currently using your social networks?
  • In which social networks do you have a presence and could others be included?
  • What content should you create for each network.
  • How do I optimize my page traffic?
  • How do I edit my photos and get a more harmonious feed?
  • How do I get brands to show me attention?

Why SF Academy?

  • Personalize Profile Assessments
  • Hands-on Experience with Recognized Brands
  • Content Strategy
  • Designed Personal Branding
  • Access to Recognized Brands
  • Business and Entrepreneurship Guidance
  • PR Box Experience

This program is by application only with limited spaces. The SF Academy team will evaluate each profile and decide which creators will be the next members of SF Academy.

Do you have what it takes to be part of the network?

** Dates are subject to prior planning with participant ** The service is available in English and Spanish.